Artwork processing

DTP artwork processing

Our dedicated artwork team will…

  • check the preparation of the files for printing,
  • if necessary, make all the required corrections.

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Printing techniques

offset printing

Offset printing

screen printing

Screen printing

digital printing

Digital printing


white PVC sheets

PVC White

coloured PVC sheets

PVC Colored

transparent PVC sheets

Clear PVC

polystyryne sheets


PET-G sheets


TESLIN synthetic paper sheets


NuStone paper sheets





plastic card with glossy lamination simulation


plastic card with matte lamination simulation


Special effects & finishing

plastic card with metallic coating simulation

Metallic coating & foils

plastic card with pearlescent varnish simulation

Pearlescent background

plastic card with rainbow coating simulation

Rainbow metallic foil

plastic card with hotstamp simulation

Hotstamp & holograms

plastic card with UV varnish under UV light simulation

Fluorescent & UV light ink

plastic card with UV glossy spot varnish simulation

Spot UV varnish

Data processing

database processing

Our experienced data management team will…

  • check correctness of data preparation for personalization by existing guidelines,
  • validate databases and processes for personalization of cards and forms,
  • if necessary, generate a new database of numbers,
  • provide comprehensive and professional data processing services.

Our data processing team guarantees to protect your data and keep it safe. If needed we will also:

  • check the data for accuracy,
  • sort, scrub, format, integrate and manage your data,
  • collate and reformat the information from your source material, so that cards and mailings meet your guidelines,
  • create a sequential number range to barcode and magnetic strip encoding – the records will be stored as a reference point for repeated print runs to be continued,
  • give access to the SFTP server to ensure a secure data transfer.


We give you the opportunity to personalize your cards. In our in-house personalization center we can personalize your cards using the following methods.
magnetic stripe encoding on a plastic card

Magnetic stripe encoding

embossing on a plastic card

Data embossing

scratch-off label on plastic card

Scratch-off labels

DOD high speed ink jet personalization on a plastic card

DOD high speed ink jet

thermal transfer personalization on a plastic card

Thermal transfer personalization

stick label applied on a plastic card

Stick labels application

Mailing & fulfilment

High integrity system works perfectly for card and carrier data matching for membership cards, direct mail and self-mailers: personalized card (paper or plastic) onto carriers with gluing, folding, ink-jet addressing — all inline.

Direct mailing

plastic card attached to letter, direct mailing

Card attaching

letter folding, direct mailing


digital addressing and label affixing on an envelope

Digital addressing
& label affixing

letter inserted into an envelope

Envelope insertion


plastic card with carrier bundle


plastic card with carrier shrink-wrapped


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